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A single panel comic with the headline, ''Today's Random Medical News from the New England Journal of Panic-Inducing Gobbledygook''. The panel shows a news reporter with his finger on a probability spinner saying, ''According to a report released today...''. Above the reporter are three probability spinners. The first spinner's options are: Exercise, Fatty Foods, Stress, Red Wine, Daycare, Computer Terminals, Coffee, and Smoking. Between the first and second spinner are the words, ''can cause''. The second spinner's options are: Breast Cancer, Spontaneous Remission, Glaucoma, Depression, Sexual Dysfunction, A feeling of well-being, Hypothermia, and Heart Disease. Between the second and third spinner is the word, ''in''. The third spinner's options are: Twins, Arthritis Sufferers, 7 out of 10 women, Rats, Overweight Smokers, Men 25-40, Two-Income Families, and Children.